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Fixing a low CSAT score

Dean Yim, Founder

Remind me again, what’s CSAT?

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is the percentage of customers who enjoy the support they received from your team. It’s a lot like net promoter score (NPS), and it’s designed to measure the average customer support interaction. Most help desk tools can automatically send surveys and graph the results for you:

(What your CSAT graph might look like. Taken from Zendesk)

You’ll want to keep a close eye on this graph of CSAT over time. It’s a broad indicator, like the S&P 500 — if your CSAT goes down, there’s a problem, and you’ll need to do some research to understand the root cause of the problem. Oftentimes, CSAT scores will go up and down due to product changes, even when the customer support process stays the same.

How can I tell if we’re...

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How to outsource customer support — a first timer’s guide

Dean Yim, Founder

Your company is growing — which is amazing. Morale is great, orders are flying, and strangers recognize your company-branded T-shirt.

More orders, more customers, more questions, more problems. You’ve got a team of customer support people answering tickets all day long, but you get the sense that you’re just barely able handle each day’s worth of tickets. You’ve been meaning to run a few reports (median first response time, average backlog, to name a few) to quantify this feeling, but you just haven’t had the time. One busy week, and you’ll need your team to work weekends so you can cover the backlog of tickets.

That’s me — I’m in charge of customer support. What should I do?

For starters, you should look into hiring more customer support people in-house. If...

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