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Rolled out weekend support with 5 days' notice
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Eli Ross
Brilliant creates interactive courses in STEM for students, professionals, and lifelong learners. Brilliant's courses are nothing like the boring classes that you may (or may not) remember from school. Their hands-on, problem-solving based experiences immerse you in the wonder and joy of STEM, and teach you how to think rather than have you memorize formulas.

Eli Ross, Brilliant's COO, ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Rapid growth

With every month, more learners are turning to Brilliant for world-class STEM learning. Brilliant's customer base grew rapidly in 2019, with even more growth on the horizon — and inbound customer support volume was rising accordingly.

Brilliant has a best-in-class in-house support team. However, by January 2020, they found themselves stretched thin due to the increased day-to-day support volume. Eli was faced with a challenge: how would Brilliant scale support efficiently, without sacrificing quality?

Bringing on the Loop Support team

To scale Brilliant's customer support, Eli decided to engage the Loop Support team. Ahead of the engagement, he had several questions: what would the onboarding process be like? Would Loop's agents be able to navigate Brilliant's internal systems? How would Loop adapt to changes?

To support their large user-base and immersive product, Brilliant has a large number of custom-built internal systems, which often interact in complex ways. As a result, Brilliant has about 100 support workflows. To systematize these workflows, Loop interviewed Brilliant's internal team, and made use of Brilliant's internal documentation. In Eli's words, "onboarding was very fast and the Loop team did a great job context-building — within two weeks, Loop Support was fully ramped up."
Furthermore, since Loop hires remotely, they are able to source talent from a nation-wide pool of applicants. Loop was able to find support agents with previous experience in the education field. Based on the strength of their support team, "Brilliant trusts Loop Support to act as an extension of their in-house team, in a way that traditional outsourced support can't."

A scalable solution

At this point, Brilliant can spin their support up and down, seamlessly — recently, Loop Support rolled out weekend support with 5 days' notice. Furthermore, Loop's in-house workflow software allows Brilliant to roll out changes within hours, rather than weeks.

At this point, Loop Support is doing 80% of Brilliant's inbound customer support. This gives Brilliant's in-house team more time to improve the core customer support experience. As Eli says, "instead of sourcing, training, and managing individual support agents, our in-house team can focus on Brilliant and the overarching customer journey and experience."
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