Ooshma Garg
E-commerce, food, delivery
Loop AI triages all inbound emails
Frontline email support
Kept CSAT above 90% during a 2x quarter-over-quarter growth period
Improved median first response time by 15%
Improved cross-team customer feedback loop from 10 days to 4 hours
Ooshma Garg
Gobble is a rapidly growing meal kit startup founded in 2010. Gobble is tailored specifically for busy families - unlike other services, Gobble’s meal kits take just 10-15 minutes to make. As a result, their customers are exceptionally loyal.

Before Loop Support

Before working with Loop Support, Gobble had a lean, in-house team of customer support agents. According to Chris Woodford, CTO, “Whenever there was a spike in customer issues, we’d bring all hands on deck - including people from other teams - to ensure that everyone got fast responses”

Since Gobble had non-support team members contributing to support, they needed a way to triage tickets by difficulty. To solve this problem, Loop Support used their Loop Triage AI system to automatically bucket customer issues by issue and difficulty.

After connecting Loop Triage, Loop brought on a team of customer support agents. These agents assumed the responsibility of handling flex customer support, in a pay-by-the-ticket manner. That way, Gobble could deal with high volume without diverting product resources - while avoiding paying for staffed customer support agents when support volume stayed low.

Data-driven operations

Since Loop Support solves frontline customer support issues, they’re the first team to spot problems as they arise. Through their workflow software, Helptree, Loop tabulated the number of occurrences for each issue, and routed this information to Gobble’s fulfillment centers.

"If customers say that they’re missing ingredients, the fulfillment team can adjust their processes before tomorrow’s packages go out."

Prior to working with Loop Support, Gobble’s fulfillment team would only hear about systematic errors in the fulfillment process through ad-hoc escalations. With Loop Support, Gobble’s fulfillment team could see which issues customers were facing, drill down into issues that they could fix at the fulfillment stage, and adjust processes on the fly. Previously, the fulfillment team wouldn’t hear about customer issues for weeks - now, they know within the same day.

Loop Support helps us deal with surges

As a scaling startup, Gobble has undergone amazing growth - and with increased sales comes increased customer support. As Ooshma Garg, CEO, says: “Loop Support allowed us to grow 10-fold without losing our personal touch.”

During one particularly intense stretch, Gobble’s customer support volume doubled from one quarter to the next. Without the help of a flex customer support, companies struggle to staff up in such short demand.

Throughout this sustained customer support surge, Gobble kept their customer satisfaction score above 90%. Furthermore, by increasing the headcount on the Loop Support team, Gobble’s median first response time improved by 15% over the course of the year.

Loop Support’s general methodology for dealing with large surges is to onboard a large number of part-time customer support agents. Loop is able to do this using their workflow software, Helptree, which allows for more efficient training. This gives companies the ability to handle flex customer support in a pay-by-the-ticket customer support model.

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