Kei Kondo
VP of Growth
Real estate, rentals
Email, chat support, managing leases
Nights + weekends
Handled high-complexity support during nighttime and weekend shifts
Kei Kondo
VP of Growth
HubHaus is a startup that makes it easy for people to find shared housing. HubHaus rents large houses from landlords; then, HubHaus provides furniture, matches prospective tenants to houses, coordinates showings - all of the logistics required to manage a shared house.

Founded in 2016, they’ve been growing rapidly over the past few years, with properties in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC.

Before Loop Support

In order to find a home for prospective tenants, HubHaus schedules showings - that way, prospective tenants get to see HubHaus’ properties, and meet their future roommates. To ensure that the prospective tenants and roommates can meet each other, HubHaus schedules these showings for nights and weekends.

In order to ensure that showings go as smoothly as possible, HubHaus communicates with each visitor prior to the showing - rescheduling, providing directions, and helping people find the best possible apartment for their situation. Furthermore, HubHaus communicates with visitors immediately after the showing, answering lease-related questions and booking further showings if necessary.

Prior to working with Loop Support, HubHaus had started growing rapidly. Due to the complexity and time-sensitivity of their support, they were faced with a difficult decision - hire a large in-house team, or slow down growth?

Nights and weekends

Around this time, Loop Support came on board with the goal of handling customer communications and lease management; by doing this, Loop Support would allow HubHaus to scale rapidly.

Loop Support’s onboarding plan has three steps: 1) teach an account manager HubHaus’ customer support, 2) have the account manager onboard agents to handle weekday evening shifts, 3) onboard agents to handle weekend shifts. By starting with the account manager handling live issues, Loop Support is able to be productive on Day 1, rather than waiting weeks to train a team.

Loop Support’s account manager worked directly with HubHaus to learn how to handle support responsibilities. After the account manager was ramped up, Loop Support onboarded agents to handle support and leasing inquiries during weeknights. Finally, Loop Support onboarded agents to handle customer support during the weekends.
To quote HubHaus’ team: “We have weekends now, and we have our weekday nights back.”

Due to the complexity of HubHaus’ support - which includes creating & sending leases - Loop Support relied on their in-house workflow software to ramp up smoothly.

Complex support

Since HubHaus is a startup, workflows change rapidly. In order to help manage the complexity of HubHaus’ support, Loop Support uses their in-house workflow software, Helptree.

Helptree allows Loop Support’s team to edit workflows on the fly, and instantly propagate changes to customer support agents. It’s currently storing over 170 HubHaus workflows - far more than would be practical inside a Google Doc.

Furthermore, Helptree lies at the heart of a QA process that tracks whether workflows need to be improved. When HubHaus’ in-house team comments on a customer interaction, it kicks off a Helptree workflow that 1) asks the agent to review the interaction in question, and 2) asks the Loop Support team to evaluate whether the underlying workflow needs to be adjusted.

According to Ahmed Elgebaly, Growth Associate: “Working with Loop Support has been a great experience thus far. It's most impressive to me how feedback is immediately implemented and improvements can be seen right away.”

Without Helptree, rolling out changes would take days; with Helptree, it takes minutes.

Enabling growth with Loop Support

After onboarding Loop Support, HubHaus was able to scale back their involvement with nighttime and weekend customer support. As a result, they’re confident that they’ve got a scalable customer support solution in place - which lets them focus on growing their business.

In the words of Kei Kondo, VP of Growth: “Our support is complicated, and requires a lot of training. We’ve tried other solutions - only Loop Support lets us grow without slowing down.”

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