Christopher Louie
Sr. Director, Customer Service
Touch of Modern
E-commerce, fashion
Frontline email support (triage, and 70% of total volume)
Helptree KB powers voice support
Reduced holiday median first response times by over 20x
Reduced average backlog by 3x
Christopher Louie
Sr. Director, Customer Service
Touch of Modern is the leading e-commerce app for men to discover cutting edge products. The company focuses on offering unique and new-to-market products not easily found at traditional retailers. Headquartered in San Francisco, Touch of Modern has over 14 million users.

Christopher Louie, Sr. Director of Customer Service, ensures that Touch of Modern’s support is as outstanding as their product line.

Before Loop Support

Prior to working with Loop Support, Touch of Modern had a team of in-house agents, which they supplemented with contractors during surges. By controlling the training process, Touch of Modern was able to ensure high quality support.
However, the hiring pipeline got tough to manage during surges. On particularly busy weeks, tickets would get backlogged, and customers would experience delays of over 48 hours.

Onboarding the Loop Support team

Today, Loop Support handles Touch of Modern’s frontline support - which means triaging and answering up to 10,000 emails per week, and scaling up and down to fit each week’s needs.

Loop Support’s knowledge base software, Helptree, allows companies to train their outsourcing partners more quickly. As a result, Touch of Modern was able to reduce their support backlog within days.

Instead of writing process documents, Touch of Modern’s support managers can verbally explain procedures; instead of flying out to conduct training, Touch of Modern can train via a manager-to-manager video call.

“Rolling out changes used to be difficult, but now we have the source of truth.”

As a startup, Touch of Modern rapidly iterates and improves upon their support practices. They’re able to verify that Loop Support is training their team correctly, by viewing the training materials inside Helptree. According to Christopher, “every CS team wants a tool like Helptree. Rolling out changes used to be difficult, but now we have the source of truth.”


Before the holidays, Touch of Modern decided to provide phone support to their customers. This required selecting a call center, waiting for the call center to hire agents, and writing new playbooks - all of which left Touch of Modern with mere weeks to ramp up their call center.

Touch of Modern realized that the customer support agents would need to learn how to navigate a playbook’s worth of policies, perform complicated return-and-shipping calculations, and maneuver around the intricacies of a homegrown order management system.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, Touch of Modern used Helptree to adapt Loop Support’s email processes for phone calls. In Christopher’s words, “if you want to launch phones, this is the only way to onboard agents quickly. Training typically required weeks - now it requires a sixth of that.”

“Our customers don't have to wait for responses”

With Loop Support and Helptree in place, Touch of Modern is well-equipped to handle the surges of customer support volume that come with running an e-commerce company. As Christopher says, “quite frankly, Loop’s flex headcount means we don’t have to deal with staffing risk in our budget.”

Proactively staffing up to meet customer demand is hard - too soon, and your agents sit idle; too late, and your customers go unanswered. By eliminating staffing risk, Touch of Modern is able to avoid both of these situations.

In December before onboarding Loop Support, Touch of Modern took hours to respond to their customers. The following December, Loop Support answered 70% of the email volume, and drove the median first response time down to 22 minutes, and improved customer satisfaction from 79% to 84%.

Ultimately, says Christopher, “holidays used to be a constant struggle. With Loop Support, our customers don’t have to wait for responses.”
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