Make smarter hiring decisions with Loop

Loop Support uses simulations to screen customer support talent. Interview candidates that can actually do the job.

Our approach to hiring

We believe that the traditional resume screening process doesn't work for entry-level jobs.

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Measure what matters

This is where we talk about traits, and how they help you hire the right person.

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Loop makes it easy to hire great people.

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Loved by employers and candidates


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Loved by employers and candidates

We’ve created an assessment that simulates real-life customer support situations, and evaluates how candidates perform. That way, you can reliably hire great candidates, without the guesswork of the traditional application process.

Hassan Riggs

CEO, Smart Alto

Loop makes life so much easier. Because of their simulator, we know who’s qualified to do the job. I can focus on making sure they fit and perform well within our culture.

Caroline L.


This is the first time I’ve had fun doing a skills assessment during the hiring process. Loved it! I enjoyed showing how I could easily manage real-life situations.