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Loop Support uses case studies to screen customer support talent. Interview candidates that can actually do the job.

Measure what matters

We believe that the traditional resume screening process doesn't work for entry-level jobs.
Why not?
For entry-level jobs, skills are far more predictive than job titles and industry experience. We believe that your interview process needs to test whether applicants can do the job.
Great candidates have options
We believe that the pre-employment process needs to be simple. Great candidates have options, and they’re not going to jump through hoops.

Loop Challenge is designed to maximize your predictive power, while keeping your application process as simple as possible.

Loop Challenge measures 21 traits, including:


Loop evaluates fluency with basic web tools and functions, as well as the ability to quickly learn new skills.

We identify applicants who communicate effectively in a support context — no run-on sentences, no jargon.

Our interactive assessment measures how well candidates can handle unfamiliar real-world support scenarios.
Data search

We evaluate how quickly candidates can sift through information in CRMs and admin panels.
Candidates like Loop Challenge because it's considerate.
It doesn't waste their time, and it lets them prove their skills in a tangible way.

Loop vs. traditional resume screens

Faster time-to-hire
Interviewer efficiency
Traits measured
Assessments given


Predict performance
With one click, you can send Loop Challenge to your entire applicant pool, and start predicting how well they'll perform on the job.


Operations Manager, Wagetap

We realized that it was really important to understand how our candidates act in support scenarios.


We rank your applicants
Loop Challenge goes beyond getting a question right or wrong by holistically viewing a candidate and ranking them based on your unique criteria.

We’ve designed Loop to fit your specific hiring needs.

Want to hire a great writer or tech whiz? We’ll tell you who has the strongest skills in each core support aspect, letting you make an informed choice based on your specific support needs.

And if you ask your top performers to take Loop Challenge, we’ll highlight candidates with similar strengths.


Send interview requests
Once the results are in, we’ll display recommendations on who to interview.

We make it easy to keep candidates in the loop. Our templates allow you to streamline the process of managing rejections and interview requests.

Loop syncs directly with your ATS, so you can focus on giving the best possible interview experience to your applicants.

Loved by employers and candidates

We’ve created an assessment that simulates real-life customer support situations, and evaluates how candidates perform. That way, you can reliably hire great candidates, without the guesswork of the traditional application process.

Hassan Riggs

CEO, Smart Alto

Loop makes life so much easier. Because of their simulator, we know who’s qualified to do the job. I can focus on making sure they fit and perform well within our culture.

Caroline L.


This is the first time I’ve had fun doing a skills assessment during the hiring process. Loved it! I enjoyed showing how I could easily manage real-life situations.

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