Identify the top 1% of your SDR applicants.

Loop identifies top sales development representatives with a simulator that's based on real-life situations.

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Helping these amazing customers:

1. Test

Predict performance

With one click, you can send Loop Challenge to your entire applicant pool and start predicting how well they’ll perform on the job.

2. Compare

Rank your applicants

Loop Challenge goes beyond getting a question right or wrong by holistically viewing a candidate and ranking them based on your unique criteria.

We’ve designed Loop to fit your specific hiring needs.

Want to hire a great email writer or cold caller? We’ll tell you who has the strongest skills in each core sales aspect, letting you make an informed choice based on your specific needs.

3. Interview

Hire efficiently

Once the results are in, we'll display recommendations on who to interview. Our templates allow you to streamline the process of managing rejections and interview requests.

Loop integrates with your ATS, so you don't need to change your existing workflows — we provide value from Day One.

Resumes are hit-or-miss. Loop is accurate.

With one click, you can send Loop Challenge to your entire applicant pool and start predicting how well they’ll perform on the job.


Faster time-to-hire


Interviewer efficiency


Traits measured


Assessments given

Measure what matters


Loop measures how applicants self-identify and improve upon their weaknesses. Highly coachable SDRs thrive in fast-paced environments.


Our simulator measures how well applicants are able to research the companies they're reaching out to, in order to send relevant messages.


We'll help you identify SDRs who can quickly craft high-quality messages.

Sales Intelligence

Our interactive assessment measures how well SDRs can handle unfamiliar real-world situations.

Hire amazing SDRs

Experience doesn’t correlate with performance.

Our skills-based assessment makes it easy to hire SDRs who will:

Ramp faster

Create better opportunities

Stay with your company longer

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Better candidate experience

Loop Support focuses on the candidate experience. That’s why our customers experience ultra-low drop-off rates of candidates.

“This is the first time I’ve had fun doing a skills assessment during the hiring process. Loved it! I enjoyed showing how I could easily manage real-life situations.”
Caroline, Candidate

Loved by hiring teams

“Before, it took us a month to hire someone. Now it takes us a week, thanks to Loop!”

Charlotte, CSM at Wagetap
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Hire better SDRs
faster, smarter, easier.

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