How Loop helped Wagetap reduce the time to hire from 30 days to 7 days


Wagetap is an Australian mobile app that integrates with a company’s payroll so employees can access their income on demand. Their mission is to change how Australians get paid, manage debt, and control their finances.

The Problem

In order to keep up with their app’s growth, Wagetap needed to expand their customer support team. When Loop started working with Wagetap, their team had 15 agents, all in the Philippines.

Since Wagetap is an early-stage startup, they wanted to hire agents with the flexibility and intelligence to deal with rapidly-changing workflows.

But once Wagetap posted their job opening, they were overwhelmed with hundreds of applications.

What went wrong?

  1. It took 30 days to hire good people. To hire one person, Wagetap needed to review 200+ applications and interview ~10 candidates.
  2. Support managers spent 60+ hours on screening/interviewing/hiring per agent — time that could’ve been spent coaching up their existing team.
  3. Since support is an entry-level job, Wagetap didn’t know if a candidate had the required skills until the interview stage. Over half of Wagetap’s interviews were spent with under-qualified applicants.

Wagetap knew that they needed to find a screening solution that made it easier to identify great applicants.

Our Solution

Using Loop, Wagetap was able to understand how their candidates would perform in a support environment and filter out the candidates who weren’t the right fit. By sharing their custom Loop assessment with applicants, Wagetap was able to analyze applicants’ performance on both a ranked and individual basis, all populated in their Loop portal. From attention to detail and technical abilities to writing samples, it helped Wagetap understand if the candidate had the necessary skills to do the job before they spent precious interview time.

The Outcome

"Before, it took us a month to hire someone. Now it takes us a week, thanks to Loop!" - Charlotte, CSM at Wagetap

Loop gave Wagetap the confidence to know that the candidate they were interviewing was both skilled and a top contender.

After administering Loop’s assessment and verifying candidate culture fit in one interview, Wagetap was able to hire two customer support specialists in just one week!

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