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Faster responses, headache-free staffing, and happier customers.

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How it works

We help growing companies provide great customer support.

1. Learn

We use existing customer conversations to create a knowledge base, and we ask you questions to fill in the gaps. We’ll learn which tickets you want us to solve.

2. Answer tickets

We’ll solve routine tickets and collect insights — and we’ll let you handle the more sensitive issues, so your customers know how much they mean to you.

3. Improve

As your business grows, we'll work with you to provide the best support possible. We’ll stay in touch via email, Slack, SMS — whatever’s most convenient for you.

We integrate with these support platforms, and more!

We’ll keep you in the loop

Our customer support lets you focus on growing your business while understanding your customers’ needs.


Ready in 24 hours

Our AI uses existing customer conversations to create a knowledge base, and we ask questions to fill in the gaps.


Scalable support

Loop Support lets you stay on top of seasonal demand, marketing campaigns, and unexpected issues.


Faster responses

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Our intelligent staffing system ensures that your support backlog stays small.


Instant collaboration

No more obsolete process documents. Share workflows with the Loop Support team, make revisions, and instantly broadcast updates.

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Y Combinator

No more headaches — start scaling your support with Loop Support.

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