15-20 minutes

The scenario

In this scenario, the candidate will play the role of a brand new SDR on their first day at your company. The candidate will get a chance to familiarize themselves with your company and learn about the sorts of prospects you like to go after, and they will also get to apply their knowledge about how businesses work. Are they up to the challenge?

Relevant jobs

Sales development representative, business development representative, XDR

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“With Loop, our candidates said that the questions we asked were a lot more meaningful. Loop was a differentiator in the interviewing process. It’s gamified, and every single person at the final stage mentioned that our interview process was their favorite.”
Arrod La Roque, Head of Sales at Anyword


Problem solving

In this simulation, we ask candidates to solve problems around buyers’ objectives.

Business sense

We generate prospects that are customized to match the business objectives of your customers.

Time management

Top candidates are able to strike a balance between speed and accuracy.


It’s not just about selecting the right prospect — can your candidates explain why?

Candidate experience

1. Buyer personas

We provide instructions on how the candidate should prioritize different prospects, based on your target companies and buyer personas.

Context is customized based on the information you provide.

2. Prospect

We generate nine realistic prospects for the candidate to choose between.

Each prospect is reasonable — it’s up to the candidate to decide who’s best.

3. Explain

After deciding which prospect is the best fit for your company, we ask the candidate to explain their thought process.

We test for both written and verbal communication skills.

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