Email Triage


10-15 minutes

The scenario

You're at a wedding, and there's a big project launching in a couple weeks. The candidate is in charge of answering emails while you're out β€” and, if necessary, escalating urgent issues.

Relevant jobs

Virtual assistant, admin assistant, frontline support

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β€œThis is the first time I’ve had fun doing a skills assessment during the hiring process. Loved it! I enjoyed showing how I could easily manage real-life situations.”
Caroline, Candidate


Attention to detail

Top candidates are able to parse complex instructions, and apply them in a business context.

Business sense

We ask candidates to identify which emails are relevant to your specific business needs.

Typing speed

Typing speed correlates with tech-savviness, and we derive WPM from your candidates' written responses.


In this simulation, we ask candidates to summarize nuanced emails.

Candidate experience

1. Prioritize

We provide instructions on how the candidate should approach the emails in your inbox β€” whether to archive, respond, or escalate.

2. Read emails

We generate five realistic emails for the candidate to handle.

Some of these emails are related to your big project, some are clear spam, and some are ambiguous.

3. Triage

We ask the candidate to handle each email appropriately, based on its urgency and relevance. Results are graded based on the candidate's decisions, and we ask the candidate to explain their thought process as well.

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